Our Herbs

As a specialist herb nursery, we focus on providing each variety of plant with whatever it needs in order to thrive. We use a soil-based compost in all our pots. We do not use any chemical-based pesticides or fertilisers and we endeavour to grow our herbs as organically as possible.

We aim to offer our online customers beautiful, seasonal plants as fresh and as fragrant as those available from us at farmers’ markets and events. 

Online orders are dispatched via DPD and Royal Mail. We dispatch orders once a week, on a Monday or Tuesday, which ensures our plants do not languish in sorting offices and reach you in prime condition - all you have to do is plant in the ground or raised beds, in containers or window boxes (or take a nibble on the delicious leaves!). 

We have over 250 herbs to choose from and you can search online by name (use the Latin name if you wish!) or variety. We have many sub-varieties in our range, for example, we offer nearly 40 different types of mint alone!

If you are looking for a particular herb or variety, please get in touch – it may be that we are busy growing it, but it’s not yet reached our online shop.

Please note that because our herbs are 100% local and hand-grown, availability is seasonal!


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