Free delivery on orders over £50!


What are your delivery costs?

Our postage and packaging prices depend on how many plants you buy and delivery charges are clearly stated at the point of purchase. All our packaging material is made from recycled material.

As a guide, our delivery costs are as follows: 

Free delivery on orders over £50

Orders of 1 to 6 plants: £6.99

Orders of 6 or more plants: £5.99

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Can I place an order from Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately we are unable to send plants to Northern Ireland because of the strict DEFRA rules.

How soon will my order arrive?

We dispatch plants on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (excluding bank holidays) by Royal Mail. This is to ensure that plants are not left languishing in sorting offices over the weekend, so please allow up to 10 days for delivery. You will receive an email to confirm your order has been placed. 

If you would like to discuss bulk or special orders, please contact us.

How soon should I plant my herbs?

Our plants are living things so it is important you remove the plants from the packaging as soon as you receive them and give them a good water. You should aim to re-plant the herbs within seven days of receiving them.

I am new to herb growing! Where should I start?

Why not start with some of our most popular herbs; delicious fresh mint, sage, oregano or coriander? These herbs are delicious in cooking and look lovely in pots.

It is important to consider location – most of our herbs will grow better outside, either in pots or in the ground (basil, for example, prefers to be on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse).  We would advise checking you have the right indoor/outdoor (or somewhere in between) setting to make sure your herbs are happy in their new home. Each herb variety listed on our website will give you a guide on what to do with your herbs. 

You don’t need a lot of equipment to grow herbs at home – some pots or window boxes will suffice if you don’t have any outdoor space. A trowel, some compost, a running tap and you’re good to go!

Are your plants organic?

All our plants are grown without the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.  We add an organic, slow-release fertiliser into the soil for all our products and use biological pest control throughout the nursery.


What happens if you are out of stock of the herbs I would like?

Herb growing is a natural, seasonal process so, from time-to-time, some of our herb varieties will be out of season – naturally! We update our herb availability on a weekly basis, so either keep checking to see what’s coming into season.

When will you be at a certain farmers' market or show?

You can find full details of the farmers' markets and shows we attend on our events page.

Which mint is the best for mint tea?

Moroccan mint is the best variety for mint tea.

Why does my mint thrive for the first year and then struggle the next?

Mint is a very hungry plant which can get pot-bound quickly. It needs to be fed and watered regularly. Repot the plant into a bigger pot throughout the growing season. If you have reached the maximum pot size for your garden or balcony, refresh the soil and top dress with well-rotted horse manure or a high nitrogen fertilizer.

How do I keep my Tarragon plants alive during winter?

Tarragon is best grown in a large pot and kept fairly dry over winter. A cold greenhouse or cold frame is best but, if you don’t have these, then place the pot close to a building where it has some protection. If your tarragon is growing in the ground, dig it up and put it into a pot so it can be kept dry.

Are you open to the public?
No. However you can arrange a visit by e-mailing or calling us. 

Can I pick orders up directly from the nursery to save on postage costs?

Yes. Please e-mail your order to us. You can also place your order over the telephone where it can usually be picked up within 24-48 hours. This may not always be possible during our busy show season but you will be informed via e-mail of any changes.

What sized pots do you grow your herbs in?

Our herbs are grown in 9cm full pots. We also have a small selection of the more popular varieties available in larger 12cm pots.

Are your herbs different from supermarket herbs?
Yes, our herbs are grown naturally in commercial greenhouses and then brought outside to harden them off. This gives the plant the best chance to grow on once it has reached the customer. They are exposed to natural light at all times unlike supermarket herbs that are wrapped in plastic to keep them upright and kept under artificial light until they are sold.  This process usually weakens the plant and affects the flavour.

Do you sell seeds?

No. We only sell plants.

Are your plants peat free?

Yes, we transitioned to peat free soil in 2024 and this transition will be complete in March 2024. 


Will you pass my email address to other companies?

We never pass on your email address to other companies. Please refer to our privacy policy for further details.