Welcome to The Culinary Herb Company.

We pride ourselves in producing and delivering top quality, pot herbs and salads for retail and wholesale.

We only sell what we grow, giving us the opportunity to guarantee 100% fresh, 100% local produce.  You will also find our herbs for sale at various shops and farmers markets around London.  We welcome people to come and sample our herbs at the farmers markets.

All our pot herbs contain an organic, soil based compost, and a 6 to 8 month slow release fertiliser. Then depending on the variety, some pots will contain poultry manure pellets and fish blood and bone. The addition of these natural additives greatly extends the life of the herbs after they are sold. Unlike supermarket herbs, our herbs will continue living long after they are sold providing they are watered regularly and stored in a warm light place. A kitchen windowsill or conservatory is ideal.

You can browse our product list on this site, or for more info and to make an order please e-mail or call us. We also welcome visitors to the nursery by appointment only, which is open Monday to Friday 9 – 5:30 between March and October.

I’m sure you will agree that our produce is second to none and I look forward to supplying you with the finest quality herbs for all your culinary creations.

Tel: 020 8679 6540 Mobile: 079 2954 5488 Email: info@culinaryherbco.co.uk